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Meilleur ensemble... Better together... Migliore insieme...



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Meilleur ensemble... Better together... Migliore insieme...







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Programme of the 2019 visit to Octeville sur Mer





Thursday september 12th, 2019


Welcome in the Michel Adam room and family night



Friday september 13th, 2019


Day with family

18: 30 "CJO open house" at the Michel Adam room

Folk dances show.

20: 00 (around) dinner all together


Saturday september 14th, 2019


Ceremony of the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Octeville sur Mer


Morning with family.

At 14: 30 precisely gathering at the Gounou place.  

Attention, the procession goes at  14:  45 precisely for a parade in the city composed of

a brass-band, flag-bearers, elected officials, officials including the English,

the public and a hundred military vehicles including a Sherman tank.

after the patriotic ceremony, it is advisable to visit the military camp located on rue René Ras.

Free admission. Family evening


Sunday september 15th, 201


Day in Fécamp


In the morning, visit of the Benedictine. Tasting. Lunch at the Casino. In the afternoon, visit of the Fisheries

Museum. Family evening


Monday september 16th, 2019


Departure to Bourne End.






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